Delicious News for Speakers of English

Hi there, hungry folks!

We have some yummy news for you. MaMpf now caters for English speakers too as it has acquired some sweet English skills:

  • Instructors can now set a course language (English or German). Everything related to the course is shown in this language.
  • You can pick your preferred language. If something is available in both English and German, it will be shown in your preferred language. This applies to navigational elements, the profile settings, and tags.
  • The tag system is becoming bilingual: The tag pages now have a field for translations in the upper left corner.

Wanna have a taste of it? Just go to your profile settings and make English your preferred language.

Bon appetit!

Are you confused by the language used in this post? Be aware that German mampfen is a colloquial expression for eating.

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