Handing in Homework Assignments

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You might be asked to use MaMpf for handing in your homework assignments. This page will tell you everything you need to know about it.

Three Things to Do Beforehand

Before handing in your homework, you need to take care of the following three things if you haven’t already.

1) Create a MaMpf Account

For handing in your homework, you need an account. If you don’t have one, sign up.

2) Subscribe to the Course

You can only upload files in courses you’re subscribed to. This is also true for accessing course materials. So log in, go to your profile settings (click on the icon on the left side of the navigation bar at the top of the page) and subscribe to the course. Don’t forget to save the changes afterwards. Alternatively, you can subscribe to a course on the start page.

3) Enter Your Name for Tutorials

On MaMpf, you’re asked to enter two names: a display name and a name in tutorials. The display name is shown with your comments and posts. Choose whatever name you like for your display name. The name in tutorials is used only in tutorials. Make your tutor’s life easier by entering your actual name as name in tutorials. You can change both names in the profile settings.

Hand in Your Homework

First of all, a member of your group has to create a submission and invite the other team members. Then everybody invited needs to join the submission. This process has to be repeated for every single assignment. Everyone who’s joined the submission can upload a file or replace an existing file. After the deadline, your tutor gets access to your homework, grades it, and returns it to you. The details are explained in the following.

1) Creating a Submission

Go to the course your homework assignment is for. Click on Submissions in the sidebar. After that, click on Create, select your tutorial, and save it. You also might want to invite someone to join the submission or upload a file. Both can still be done afterwards.

  • Only one submission per team is allowed: one person creates it; everybody else joins. You can only be part of one submission at once. Therefore, if you’ve created a submission and want to join another submission, you need to delete your submission before you can join another one.
  • You can have MaMpf send email invitations to your team members. However, MaMpf will only send invitations to people you’ve already worked with. For the first assignment with new team mates, you need to use the code from the table that is created with the submission. The creator of the assignment has to send the invitation code to the rest of the team.

2) Inviting Your Team Mates

  • When you hand in homework with someone for the first time, they can only join by entering a code, i.e. you need to give them the code. You can find it in the table created with the submission.
  • If you’ve already handed in your assignment with someone, you can use MaMpf to invite them. Then, they will receive a link for joining by email.

3) Joining a Submission

  • If you’ve received a code from your team mate, go the course your homework is for. Click on Submissions on the sidebar. Now you can click on Join (under Current Submission) and enter the code.
  • If you received an invitation by email, just click on the link. If this does not work, use the right mouse button to copy the link and paste it into the address bar.

If you’ve created the submission, you don’t need to join. Skip this step.

4) Uploading and Replacing Your File

Everyone who’s joined a submission has the same rights. As team member, you can invite others to join as long as your team has less members than the limit. You can upload a file or replace an uploaded file. You can delete the submission if you are the only one (left) on the team.

When uploading files, keep this in mind:

  • Deleting or replacing a file: When you delete or replace a file, it is lost. MaMpf does not store it. If the file is not on your device and you’re not sure whether you still need it, download and save it before replacing or deleting it.
  • Format: MaMpf only accepts files of the format specified in the heading of the submission. MaMpf does not accept any other formats. If your file has the wrong format, convert it.
  • File size: MaMpf has an upload limit of 10 MB per submission. Files larger than this cannot be uploaded. For PDF files, MaMpf offers compression if your file takes up more than 5 MB. If the file is larger than 10 MB after compression, it cannot be uploaded. Therefore, make sure that your file does not exceed the upload limit on creating it.
  • Merging files: MaMpf can merge PDF files. On uploading, select all files to be merged and use the arrows to achieve the desired order. The merged PDF file overwrites the prior one (if there is a prior one). Merged files cannot be edited afterwards. If you want to add to an uploaded file, you need to download it and save it on your device before uploading it again with the new file(s).
  • If you’ve written your homework on paper, please use a scanning app for digitalization. Make sure that the writing on your scan is legible, i.e. pay attention to lighting and focus. Since MaMpf has a 10 MB upload limit, adjust your app’s settings if your file is too large. You can use 150 dpi as guideline for the resolution.
  • You may be able to edit your submission after the deadline. This is the case when your instructor has set up a grace period. However, if you edit your submission during the grace period, it will be marked delayed and may not be accepted by your tutor. For this reason, you should only make use of this option in case of emergency.

5) Checking out Your Tutor’s Feedback

As soon as your tutor has uploaded feedback, you can check it out. You find the feedback on the page where you’ve uploaded your homework.

Submissions and feedback are stored for a limited time only for reasons of data protection. They are available at least until the beginning of the next semester and at most until the beginning of the semester after the next. The date of deletion can be found along with the submission. If you delete your account before that, only those submissions and feedback are deleted which you handed in as only team member. If all team members delete their accounts before that, all submissions and feedback are deleted with the accounts.

Email Notifications

MaMpf has email notification. Apart from submission invitations, all notifications can be turned on and off as desired. Go to your profile settings (click on the icon on the left in the navigation bar at the top) to administer your notifications. You can be notified when:

  • a file has been uploaded
  • a file has been deleted by another team member
  • someone has joined your team
  • someone has left your team
  • feedback is available
  • your delayed submission has been accepted or refused

The Meaning of the Colors

The color of the submission card is telling. Here you can find out what each color stands for.

  • red: Either you haven’t joined a team or your delayed submission has been refused. If the deadline is not over, team up. You can create your own submission and invite others or join an existing submission. For the latter, you must be invited. Your team mates need to send you an invitation code or have MaMpf send you an email invitation. Email invitations are not available if it’s your first time working together. In this case, the invitation code is the only option.
  • yellow: You’re part of a submission team, but nothing has been handed in so far. So go ahead and upload your homework.
  • light green: Everything is fine so far. You’re part of a submission team, and a file has been upload.
  • orange: Someone in your team has edited your submission after the deadline. In consequence, the submission is now delayed. It’s up to your tutor to decide whether the submission is accepted.
  • green: Your tutor has given you feedback. You can check it out.

Last update: November 2022